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What We Do

Never Forgotten Hero’s, Inc. (NFH) is an innovative and cutting edge 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that exists to organize a positive environment contributing to an improved quality of life for veterans and their families. Specifically, NFH is committed to connecting veterans to educational resources and bridging the educational and economic gap they experience following their service. The organization’s projects, implemented by an experienced staff, emphasize overall development and change individuals from the inside out. Our organization gives veterans access to the resources, guidance, and hope to help them build a better foundation from which they may secure future opportunities. Supporting the development of self-confidence, healthful living, good judgment, and character, Never Forgotten Hero’s provides many individuals with a thorough foundation for future success.

Established in 2013, the organization was formed by a group of stakeholders who were able to see the positive correlation between positive intervention in the lives of veterans facing educational and economic struggles and their long-term achievement of academic goals, financial success, and overall wellness; all of which contribute to their ultimate transcendence into a better life. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, our mission is accomplished by addressing the critical issue of access to decent educational resources and financial assistance for our nation’s veterans. We are dedicated to helping each individual and their families reach their potential by encouraging wholesome habits, supporting their material needs, and encouraging a dynamic pursuit of advancement opportunities.

Our Mission

NFH’s mission is to give the forgotten veterans a second chance. We will help veterans with housing allowances, or anything else to help veterans get back on their feet.

We help to advise businesses both large and small including the greater community to the importance of providing special a focus on those who have served on our behalf.

NFH’s mission is to give the forgotten veterans a second chance by providing immediate assistance to honorably discharged veterans, spouses of honorably discharged veterans and their families. Focusing on those facing financial hardship by providing immediate substance grants to support basic needs.

Our Vision

Founded by Caroline E. English, the organization was conceived and organized to address the social and economic needs of low-income veterans and families throughout the nation with particular focus on those who live in poverty. The organization’s passionate board and committed volunteers couple their experience as charitable providers with best practices in management and accountability. Individual empowerment and self-determination are strong components of the organization.

We are dedicated to helping each individual reach his or her individual potential by encouraging a belief in personal responsibility within the minds and hearts of the individuals, families, and communities in which we work.

Our mission is simple: To serve those who have served us.

The challenges faced by veterans throughout the nation bring serious concerns. Tough economic times and a misunderstanding of social and economic responsibilities are hurting educational and social programs in communities across the United States. Add this to persistent mental pressures and physical limitations, some veterans are unlikely to experience a positive future. We need to do what we can to help and support our nation’s brave service men and women.

Military veterans are a population which seems to face exceptional hardship in our country. The population of military veterans is vast, spanning generations and containing service members from a diverse mix of backgrounds and current living conditions. This is demonstrated by the sheer magnitude of the veteran population. In the past decade alone, over 2.2 million service members fought in Iraq and Afghanistan; over 924,000 of those troops served multiple tours of duty. According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the VA received more than 1,000,000 claims for disability benefits in 2010. Clearly, the number of disabled veterans in the country is large and will continue to grow.