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ASFO Education

Our organization’s proposed ‘Marine Resource Development Project’ will involve distant long line fishing off the coast of Ghana, West Africa. Long line fishing is a commercial fishing technique. It uses a long mono-filament line, called the main line, with baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods. A snood is a short length of line, attached to the main line using a clip or swivel, with the hook at the other end. Long lines are classified mainly by where they are placed in the water column. This can be at the surface or at the bottom. Lines can also be set by means of an anchor, or left to drift. Hundreds or even thousands of baited hooks can hang from a single line.

Prior to the implementation of the training program, we must first acquire the use of a commercial fishing vessel. We will need to raise funding for the cost of high quality fishing gear, agricultural products, and associated marine resources and equipment. In addition, the organization will recruit and retain a staff of qualified professionals with experience in the commercial fishing trade, who will supervise and educate the participants in our program.

The vision of the organization is to expand its operational portfolio to include long-line fishing as a means to create important and sustainable outreach to the target population. We have determined that this is method has a better return on investment as well as the greatest long-term economic reward for our organization both
in Ghana and in the United States. The vessels we will purchase are specifically suited to target the high-value big eye and yellow fin tuna, which are in high demand in US and European markets. Acquiring these resources will serve as highly valuable outreach tools for our organization, sustainable outreach engines for our community, and dynamic employment aids for a host of individuals.

Based upon our surveys and studies conducted by the governments of Ghana, Japan, and the US, in conjunction with the United Nations, there are abundant quantities of big eye, skip jack, and yellow fin tuna in Ghanaian territorial waters. These waters are largely under-fished and additionally contain significant stocks of other commercially viable marine resources.